Mission Statement

I will continue to learn and develop knowledge and skills in both my personal and professional life. Professionally, I will challenge myself to with unique and difficult web development projects that will push my skills forward. Also, I'm committed to providing excellent customer service in a timely and satisfying manner.

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Web Development

Web Development Portfolio

I develop websites for fun and since it's my livlihood I also require payment. I do it because I enjoy problem-solving and creating. In fact creating is one of my passions.


Mitchell Bennett Photography

I like to take pictures of weddings. Being a part of a couples biggest day is something that I take seriously. It warms my soul to see two people make an everlasting covenant to one another.



From the moment I was born I've been learning. I have no intention of stopping. I consider it crucial that we explore and experience what God has blessed us with on this earth. I don't want to stop.

Mathematics Teacher

I taught high school math and I was good at it. Everything from freshman Algebra to senior Calculus. I enjoyed teaching and coaching (except grading papers). Most people think I quit teaching because it's just too much. They're right that it's a lot to handle for one person, but the true reason I left is because God had a different plan for my life and I wanted to follow Him.


I've been interested in photography for awhile and in 2011 I decided to do it professionally. It's never been my main income source but it challenges me and gives me a fun creative outlet.

TechArts Leader @ The Crossing

I helped run the AVL (audio, video, lighting) for a large church in St. Louis. I also managed a team of other staffers and led a large team of volunteers. I learned a lot on this job and made big strides in my ability to lead and manage a team.

Website Development

I've been teaching myself web development since college. However, I finally got the chance to focus solely on improving my skills and make a career of it. I work with a variety of designers although mostly I work for reā€¢kreate that I co-own with two other guys. We're a small team of designers and developers that strive to match quality brand management with unmatched attention to service.