Crosspoint Church

Custom Theme, Mobile Responsive, Wordpress

A Great Baby

Intentionally Designed provided an updated look for this e-commerce site. Working within the existing code base was difficult at times, but it made the site look fresh and up to date.

Custom Theme, Ecommerce, Mobile Responsive, Shopify


Designed by re•kreate, this WordPress site was adapted into a parent portal where parents can track their child’s status as they progress through the Ukatsu program. It also takes online payments, sets up subscriptions to their services, allow sign up and sign in for live events, and more.

Admin Portal, Custom Plugin, Custom Theme, Mobile Responsive, Stripe Integration, Wordpress


I built this custom WordPress theme for re•kreate after they rebranded and relaunched their company. The simple but bold design was implemented in a couple of weeks and highlights the speed that an unbloated theme operates at.

Custom Theme, Mobile Responsive, Wordpress

Realty Brands

This a complete resource for the busy real estate agent. I helped build a custom CMS on top of Code Ignitor to deploy a number of websites that could be centrally managed by our team and updated across the entire platform. This was a massive undertaking that included a custom user system, integrated website statistics, support system and tracker, and much more.

CodeIgniter, Custom CMS, Custom Tools, Mobile Responsive

Embracing a Simpler Life

Embracing a Simpler Life needed an entirely new website to match their new brand. Desiring a site that not only looked better but was faster and free of the third party plugins that slowed and convoluted her website. The result was exactly on target.

This established blog required a new home page and a blog was simple while maintaining the robust search and archiving features that WordPress offers. All of the the permalinks and back catalog was maintained while ridding the site of unnecessary libraries of code that over doubled the speed of the site.

Designed by Pautler Design and developed by Mitchell Bennett, this clean, custom theme breathed new life into an aging site.

Custom Theme, Mobile Responsive, Wordpress

City of Fayette

City websites are often a mess of misinformation and were built many years ago. Not so with the City of Fayette. Their new website designed by re•kreate departs from that norm. I built some of the front end elements and the plugin that integrates their custom utility payment system with Stripe.

Custom Plugin, Custom Theme, Mobile Responsive, Stripe Integration, Wordpress